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Hwu is Ally Hwu?

Ally Hwu is a performer above anything. She began her artistic journey as a performance arts major at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, TX. Simultaneously, she trained intensively with Sheila Milner at DanceZone in Missouri City, TX. She went on to train at Chapman University in Orange, CA, where she will soon graduate, summa cum laude, with her BFA in dance and a minor in musical theatre. There, she worked with renowned choreographers such as Dwight Rhoden, Will Johnston, Wilson Mendieta, Steven Sofia, and Jennifer Backhaus. Ally has also trained at the Steps on Broadway Theatre/Jazz Summer Intensive, Entity Contemporary Dance Summer and Winter Intensives, and Texas Arts Project. She has danced as a parade performer at Disneyland, in music videos, films, live dance concerts, and guest artist performances, including performing as a singer/dancer soloist for a Kristin Chenoweth masterclass. These versatile experiences have kept her learning, growing, and hungry for new challenges. Although her focus is on dance, the “theatre kid” in her shines bright through her unique storytelling and character-building abilities. Ally is currently based in Southern California, where she aspires to continue as a performer onstage and on-screen, create her own opportunities, and be kind to all.

Ally Hwu

my Philosophy

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as an artist

I dance to connect. Physically feeling the music, ground, and body deep inside me, brings my unarmored self to the surface. Connections through dance are raw and authentic. Dancing brings me closer to the people and world around me. Constantly dancing means constantly connecting. My roots grow deep into the earth, my branches shoot up past the sun. My senses come to life, ready to take on my rich, authentic life. All because of dance.

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as a teacher

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." ~Zig Ziglar

I believe everyone is capable of learning how to dance and that everyone learns at their own pace. This philosophy was developed over my years of training. I found the classes I felt the most growth in were the classes where teachers encourage all types of learning styles and that, regardless of where one is in their dance journey, they feel encouraged to test out new ideas without the pressure or competition to be the “quickest” dancer to pick up a step.

​I create an atmosphere that allows the body and mind to feel free of tension and comparison. I do this by varying up my teaching styles throughout class and creating combinations that cater towards different learning styles. I honor the fact that every brain is special and unique and learns in such a way. 

​Sharing my philosophy with others is important to me because it helps remind dancers of their unique and authentic gifts they each bring to the table. In addition, this approach aids dancers in becoming more flexible, well-rounded learners. Watching dancers confidently take up space as they step into themselves brings me immense fulfillment and satisfaction. By having more patience and giving everyone a chance to reach their fullest potential, the dance world will become more welcoming and inclusive to all types of learners and people.

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